My kids loved this place when they were smaller, but then they know who all the Dutch characters are as well (Idols winners Jamai and Boris, tv chat host Paul de Leeuw). There are always, well often, queues outside, so tourists must like it. You can buy tickets online

The bulk of Madame Tussaud's, above the Peek & Clopenberg department store, is an audio-visual interpretation of Amsterdam's past, taking the visitor from the heyday of the Golden Age to the 21st century. The commentary which guides visitors from exhibit to exhibit is in both Dutch and English.

Peek & Cloppenburg building, Dam 20

The website is very weak, bad English

On entering you are greeted by the imposing Amsterdam Man, a five metre animated figure covered in the symbols of the city's past. The floor had to be specially strengthened to cope with the next scene, a canal vista complete with boats and water, which links past to present with living day and historical Dutch characters intermingled. Further rooms take you to a 17th century merchants house - which recreates a series of Vermeer paintings - and a skating scene, including sudden temperature drop. Pretty good this bit actually.

The modern section begins with a reconstruction of the first landing on the moon, followed by an introduction to famous Dutch figures, including the Royal Family, Anne Frank, Mondrian and Van Gogh - and a load of people most foreigners will never have heard of.

The final exhibit, the Dome of Fame, is home to influential figures from politics, the arts and entertainment, and a globe which splits open to reveal a figure representing the embodiment of peace and the 21st Century. You are welcome to take photographs throughout the exhibition and there is, of course, the ubiquitous giftshop and cafe on the way out.