Vile ex-Labour (PvdA) city councillor, Rob Oudkerk was thrown out of the council after it emerged he had been visiting prostitutes. We aren't talking high-class girls here. No, indeed. Oudkerk liked to get "rid of the pressures of the job" by having sex in his car with the sad unfortunates who worked on the Tippelzone - a concrete car park in the harbour where junkies, rebuilt boys and underaged Eastern European girls were officially allowed to ply their trade.

Oudkerk, a doctor who still has a city practice, thought there was nothing wrong with what he did and keeps hinting that he would like to return to politics. Bizarrely enough, an opinon poll in the Parool newspaper in October 2005 showed that 8% of Amsterdammers would definitely vote for him he formed his own political party to fight the local elections. And a horrifying 24% might well vote for him. Oh those liberal Amsterdammers.