Between numbers 147 and 165 Lindengracht is the Suikerhof, set up in 1667 by Pieter Jansz. Suikerhof (so it should really be called "Suikerhofhofje") for the "daughters and widows of protestant families". The women, who received 20 tons of peat, ten pounds of rice, a tub of butter and some money each year in addition to a place to live, had to be "honest, have irreproachable conduct and a peaceful nature".

The charming central courtyard with its somewhat overgrown garden contains a pump, once the only source of water. The complex used to contain 19 dwellings today there are just 15. The hofje was rennovated in 1989.

At number 94 to 122 is the Lindenhofje, built in 1616 and one of the oldest hofjes in the city. However little is left of its original structure and it is rarely open.