Trams are wonderful. They are fast, they beat the jams, and they are pretty good for the environment. If you are old, pregnant, disabled, carrying a baby and a toddler etc, do not expect anyone to give you a seat - especially not a middle-aged Dutch woman or man. When I was pregnant, the only people who ever stood up for me were young Moroccan and Turkish men. You also probably won't be allowed to take an unfolded baby buggy on a tram or a bus. Watch out for pickpockets when it is busy.

The strip ticket thingie is incomprehensible to all but the Dutch. From 2009, strippenkaarten will be replaced by a chip card and automatic reader system - like the London Oyster card, only here it will be compulsory. That's what the powers that be hope anyway.

Ten trams leave from Central station.
The GVB website has all the info about how to get where ever.