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Wisteria [May 4, 2009]



After a few days of sunshine, the wisteria is at its very best.

The street cleaners picked up the mountain of garbage from outside our underground containers this morning. (Garbage Watch)

The problem with peeing II

Interesting letter in today's Parool from Stefanie Blomberg who hits the nail on the head. It is, she says, as if only men have the need to pee. These delightful portable urinals are placed all over the city on festival days - paid for by the oh so generous taxpayer - but what are women supposed to do? Indeed. They either have to hold it in, to put it bluntly, or pay 50 cents to use the loo in a bar. Given both sexes pay taxes and both sexes need to pee, perhaps women could get a discount on this, she suggests. Gentlemen, the choice is yours, she ends her letter. We await their reply with interest. (Paroola)

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