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Amateur hour in Amsterdam [March 31, 2010]

What is D66 playing at? The sort of left Liberal democrats were in talks with Labour on forming a new city council executive then pulled out because Labour leader Lodewijk Asscher was appointed temporary mayor for three months. Then they joined the talks again after pressure from god knows where and, yes, you guessed it, have now pulled out again.

Is this amateur hour or something?

In the meantime, the thousands of people who voted D66 in the local elections, taking their share of the vote from just three to eight seats on the 45-seat strong council, are watching in disbelief.

D66 was the big winner in the local elections in Amsterdam, yet for some bloody-minded principle about a temporary mayor they are about to skip out and stay in opposition.

Don't get me wrong. I am firmly in favour of elected mayors, but I am also in favour of parties which actually win seats seizing the opportunity to get on board the coalition train. By not taking this opportunity, D66 is serving the people who voted for the party very poorly indeed.

Prinicples are very good things to have, but in a land where compromise is king, some principles are worth ditching - temporarily at least until the city gets a new mayor.

Does not bode well for the party's performance in the nationals if push comes to shove and they end up holding the balance of power.

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