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Great Expatations [June 2, 2010]

Went to the premier of a bizarre little film called Great Expatations - yes the level of pun pretty well says it all. The aim of the film is to enlighten companies and service providers about what expats do and don't like about Amsterdam.

So there they were - a multicultural collection of talking heads and cliches about horrible birthday parties and the tax office being banned from speaking English - all this interspersed with titling, complete with interesting use of English. Read crap grammar.

It was not the most expensive production so hopefully not too much money was wasted - and at least the people who commissioned it were pleased with all they learned.

Here's the AT5 report on the affair, alas without subtitles.

The entire event ended with a borrel at a nearby bar Amsterdam Bright City, which is supposed to be an international meeting place on the Zuidas. Pity its website is only in Dutch.

wierd seeds.jpg

I came across these weird seeds like a drift of coarse snow close to the Vondelpark on Wednesday. The pavement was covered in a thick layer.

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