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Dutch kids flock to British school in Amstelveen [January 28, 2012]

Amsterdam's international schools are filling up with the children of wealthy Dutch parents who are fed up with the Dutch system and the way kids are categorised at the age of 12, says Saturday's Parool.

At the British School of Amsterdam, 102 of the 600 children are Dutch. Their parents fork out €14,000 a year for the privilege of sending their offspring to a school where the main language is English, where they wear a neat uniform (no make-up allowed), where the teachers are called Miss and Mr and all sorts of abiliities and nationalities are mixed up together. Not much like your average Amsterdam school then.

This Amsterdam particularly likes the school's 'Golden Rules'

We are gentle
We are kind and helpful
We listen
We are honest
We work hard
We look after property

PS. We just had a quick look at the website. They also have school meals... nightmares of boiled cabbage and 'stew' came flooding back. Perhaps This Amsterdam is not quite so nostalgic after all.

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