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Amsterdam high schools have had their chips [May 3, 2012]

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Snack bars and fast food restaurants located close to secondary schools should not be allowed to sell French fries until 2pm so that pupils can't sneak out for a greasy snack at lunchtime, say Labour city councillors in the Parool.

The idea was apparently dreamt up by councillor Maarten Poorter, who was shocked during the Day of the Healthy School Canteen when pupils at the Comenius Lyceum were offered kebabs and pizza at 10.30 in the morning.

Perhaps the good councillor could turn his attention to the ubiquitous soft drinks and chocolate vending machines in every school instead? And if he is that worried about high school health, a smoking ban in the playground would not go amiss either.

Mind you, yesterday research by the World Health Organisation showed that yet again Dutch teenagers are the happiest in Europe - so we shouldn't take too much away from them....        


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