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The things they eat [November 16, 2012]

I was in my local Albert Hein this morning. There were a whole bunch of giggling teenagers outside because our AH  only allows four of them in at a time.

I guess they run riot and steal stuff or something.

There were three girls behind me in the queue. One's lunch consisted of a cold sausage roll and a noxious green can of something. Another had a packet of crisps and a third a plastic bag containing two croissants.

This is, by the way, the same AH that has been advertising desperately for 16-year-olds to come and help fill up the shelves... nice colleagues, good pay... you know the kind of thing.

Last week it seemed to me that every single person stacking the shelves was Polish.

Our local teens might run riot in the AH, but they're not stupid.

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