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D66 has lost the plot [April 7, 2010]

Oh dear. After saying that it definitely does not wish to share power with the Labour party - in some fit of pique about the appointment of local Labour party leader Lodewijk Asscher as temporary mayor - D66 has now declared it would like to talk to the PvdA after all.

So that's a yes, no, yes, no, yes.

For after a members' meeting on Tuesday night, the party's really stupid local, sorry, bright spark leader Ageeth Telleman says the D66 is actually rather keen to reopen talks with the PvdA and green party GroenLinks. Surprise surprise.

The party's website includes the bold headline D66 wil snel formeren - D66 wants to get on with the formation as soon as possible - as if the party has any more to say about the issue.

Fat chance after breaking off the talks twice - and using the rather final term 'definitief' in your previous press release.

The party did rather well in the local elections - which is why everyone thinks it should join the coalition - apart from the delightful Ageeth that is.

She's blown it.

Her performance as local party leader is on a parr with the gentlemen of the PVV, who followed their master's orders and insisted on a headscarf ban in Almere and The Hague, only to be called back after Wilders realised his party's support is crumbling.

The people of Amsterdam, whether they voted for Ageeth or not, are probably better off without her.

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