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Nice work if you can get it [April 18, 2010]

Quoted in the Parool, Els Iping, who has just stood down as head of Amsterdam's centrum borough council: (yes she of the 'vertrutting' - blamed for banning people from drinking on cafe terraces while standing up etc).

'I'm not going to do anything at first. I'm from the theatre so that attracts me. Or perhaps something with city development. But first I want to go sailing with my man. We once sailed to Paris and I'd like to do that again'.

Luckily Iping will have a nice fat city council jobless package to tide her over. Or does she think it would be going a bit far to let taxpayers pick up the bill for her extended holiday?

Els is only 57, so she's got another 10 years of working life ahead of her.

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