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Gin no tonic [March 19, 2012]

gin and tonic.png

Our local Gall & Gall used to keep the tonic close to the entrance, underneath the hot air blower, so it was always warm. I always used to ask them to get the tonic from the back shop because it was too hot to use, even if you filled the glass with ice cubes.

Last week, the store closed down for a week for a revamp. It's now reopened and they've moved everything around. The gin now occupies the same place the tonic used to, so you end up taking home a luke-warm bottle.

And as for the tonic. They don't sell it anymore. They don't sell 'frisdrank'.

It was hard to keep control of my temper, as I clutched a warm bottle of gin which would accompany me to our local supermarket in search of tonic. I pointed out to the chap behind the counter that it was really stupid to sell gin without the tonic and what sort of customer service was this and... well, I had a bit of a rant.

So do be warned. Your new look Gall & Gall may be very 2012, but it might have no soda for your Campari, no tonic for your vodka, no cola for your Bacardi and no lemonade for your shandy. And no ginger for your Pimms... if they have Pimms. But that's another story.

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