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Amsterdammers are different [May 22, 2012]

The Parool newspaper has a lovely colour coded map showing all the things we Amsterdammers like to do, and dividing us up into seven different hued areas.

So the good folks of Amsterdam Zuid are pale blue and sedate while the burgers of Zuidoost, Nieuwe West and chunks of Noord are lime green and that great Dutch word gezelig.

In my neighbourhood we are creative and inspiring while the inner city canal ring is enterprising.

So what other jolly facts can we glean from the Parool article? Just 5% of Amsterdammers go to church, compared with 11% of the good folk of Noord Holland as a whole.

We like boats and going bowling and 15% of us go to the casino, while just 6% of our provincial cousins do so. But only 1% of us playing badminton compared with 4% of the rest of the province. Who comes up with this stuff?

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