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Amsterdam official talks rubbish [June 5, 2012]

Our endless battle over the stupid underground waste container outside our front door continues unabated, despite dozens of emails, official reports and furious rows with shopkeepers and neighbours.

Today, as the plastic bags and cardboard boxes again began to stack up next to it, along came the special truck to empty the container. The man carefully moved all the extra waste away so he could raise the container and lower it back into its hole again.

The following conversation then ensued.

Sir, could you please take away the rest of the rubbish?

No, the lorry doesn't have anywhere to put it.

So can you phone for someone else to fetch it?

No, it will be picked up tomorrow.

Please. Everyone will think the container is full because there are bags left on the pavement.

No, they will take their rubbish back home.

Sir, (in desperation) I live here, I know they will dump it.

Well I can't do anything about it...

I guess if you can get away with calling a police officer a mierenneuker, you can definitely apply it to jobsworth city council officials.

Anyway, I took a photo and sent it off to the relevant borough council bosses. I've never done that before but my neighbour who usually does the complaining was up to her neck and left it to me.

I soon got back a most perculiar mail from a certain Ron Bos.


Action has been taken. We are not going to contact this man. He's made previous reports and we've been in touch with him and asked him to use the proper channels or adopt the container. Both without result.



Ron's never been in touch with me, I've never been in touch with Ron. Ron is talking rubbish. 


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