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Gone fishing [January 20, 2012]

Was phoned a few minutes ago by someone with a very strong accent telling me the money my friend had asked him to make over to my bank account was now there.... Luckily I could hardly understand him, but did get message it was one of those jolly phishing expeditions so said I did not know what he was talking about.

Being a good citizen, rang Amsterdam police to pass on the phone number but alas was told by the bored-sounding cow sorry copper at the other end of the line 'we can't do anything with that'.

The gist of what she said being that this happens all the time and they are not a phone firm so they cant do anything with the number and no crime has been committed.

Lady, I wish you many vile and vomiting drunks in your police station this evening

The number was 0625512357

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