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Busy bees at Cisco Amsterdam [May 8, 2012]

The relentless use of the word 'sustainable' by companies to show they have a green and socially-aware side becomes extremely tedious at times, especially when they talk about 'sustainable banking' and the like.

So its interesting to see the Amsterdam arm of American IT giant Cisco doing its bit for the environment - by installing three beehives on the roof of its Zuid-Oost offices. The hives, in turn, are home to a whopping 90,000 bees.

'Everyone is enthusiastic about selling our own honey in the canteen,' beekeeper Matthieu Minguet tells Tuesday's Parool. Minguet's real job is presales manager (whatever that is).

There is also a hive with 20,000 bees on top of the Stadsschouwburg theatre, the Parool says. The city is a great place for keeping bees, Jaap Molenaar, head of the Dutch bee association says. 'There is lots of pesticide and insecticide in the country. And the biodiversity with all the different gardens is great.'



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