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Amsterdam life's a beach [September 10, 2012]

Okay, lousy and overused pun but yesterday was one of those days when you just had to get to the sea. I've never really understood the fashion for inner city beaches. Big piles of hot sand and deckchairs where you can buy drinks and all that, but can't enjoy that super fris dip in the briny.

Of course, we were not the only ones with the same thoughts... Despite our cunning plan of leaving mid afternoon, when we got to our favourite place - Parnassia - there was a massive queue tailing out of the carpark.

No space left? No, just a question of too many macho drivers (of both sexes) and a bunch of idiots who had parked on the verge making it impossible for cars to get in and out at the same time.

Thus, I got myself a new job - traffic controller. Stood in the middle of the road waving some cars through and stopping others. And everyone amazingly did what they were told. Apart from some idiot SUV driver who went on about having priority... along with Canta drivers, among my least-favourite people.

Early evening most of the crowds had gone, the tide was coming in, the sun was sinking, it was warm and wonderful and some wierd green scum appeared in the water. I chickened out of a final dip.

Getting home I discover mad Princess Maxima has put us all to shame by actually swimming in the Amsterdam canals to raise money for charity. She even jumped in, her head went under.

Who needs a city beach then?


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