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Dog gone [September 8, 2012]

Oops. Amsterdam police are in trouble after seizing three dogs which had been smuggled into a hotel by their owner in early July.

The dogs, a 12-year-old Scottish collie and two Yorkshire terriers, were taken away after their Amsterdam owner Beatrix Tijsma ended up an full-blown argument with the police when the hotel's owner tried to have her thrown out.

She was staying at the hotel for a couple of days while moving house. Tijsma was not arrested but the dogs, said to be 'uncared for and neglected' were confiscated - even though the police did not have the required official permission to do so.

Now a court has ordered the dogs be returned. Ah. Bit of a problem there. As the local prosecution department chief said: 'I am very sorry to report that the court's ruling cannot be fulfilled because two of the dogs have been sold and one has been put down.'




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