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Our garbage collection goes high tech [October 22, 2012]

All this morning's kerfuffle is now explained. We have a super duper state of the art electronic underground garbage container. See... it has a little green light on it. You press the knob, open the lid, chuck in your garbage and close it and the machine begins munching.


The idea, so I am told, is to make the garbage smaller so more fits in. Pity the container does not quite fit in the hole.

This, I guess they hope, will end our endless battle against the delightful types who like to dump their garbage outside the container because its full. See posts on this blog ad nauseum.

But just to remind everyone to obey the law, they have also added this delightful little homily.

It states: 'Help to keep it clean here. Almost everyone in this neighbourhood does not put their rubbish next to the container.'

Wow... that'll shame them into not dumping their old carpets on the street following a Sunday spring clean.

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