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Those pesky foreigners are at it again [January 3, 2013]

Oh dear. Foreigners are spoiling things in Amsterdam again. This time, says the Parool, it is the emergency shelters when its freezing that are being clogged up by non-natives.

Between 7 and 14 December, when it was actually winter, 228 people made use of of the council's emergency shelter. Of them, 60% were foreign, mainly Poles and Romanians with a few Spaniards and Italians as well, the Parool said.

In Amsterdam you don't need any ID to be taken into the shelter when its very cold.

However, according to the Parool, city alderman Eric van der Burg - a charming VVDer - thinks differently and said last year people who have been in the Netherlands for less than three months should only be helped as a very last resort.

Goodwill and peace to all men indeed.

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